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User Obligations.

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4. The Gastronomic Expert User will use the appropriate diligence to comply with their obligations to Foodiestay and the nature of the services that the Gastronomic Expert offers in the Platform and the User interested in the Gastronomic Offer will also use the appropriate diligence both in compliance with their obligations arising from the acceptance of any Offer of Gastronomic Experience and in the use of the services it enjoys, and none of them will perform through the Platform or in the execution of the services offered by the same that puts them in contact, any action that causes damage or alterations of the contents or hinders the proper functioning of the website, expressly committing for the sole use of the same not to cause technical problems of any kind, transfer elements susceptible to carry viruses or damage, interfere or intercept all or part of the Web, as well as not to intervene or alter the email of other users.