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Purpose of the website.

The website is owned by FoodieStay, and is made available, (1) on the one hand, to individual entrepreneurs (self-employed individuals) or entrepreneurs using a trading company, anonymous or limited (hereinafter, one and the other, "Gastronomic Expert Users" or "Hosts") who want to offer, uploading Gastronomic Experiences to the Platform, (hereinafter "the Offer or Offers of Gastronomic Experiences") to third parties accessing the Platform, and (2) on the other hand the website is also made available to such third parties (hereinafter also "Users interested in the Gastronomic Offer") so that they can contract directly with any of the Gastronomic Expert Users the gastronomic experiences offered by them.

To the referred effects the Gastronomic Expert User, will have to register registering in the Platform of Foodiestay facilitating the requested information. Once registered, one or more Gastronomic Experience Offer(s) (hereinafter the "Gastronomic Expert Offer(s)") may be uploaded to the Platform.
Users interested in the Gastronomic Offer may register voluntarily or do so at the time of contracting one or more of the Offers of a Gastronomic Expert.

The responsibility for the proper provision of the services offered and compliance with the obligations assumed in the Offer uploaded to the Platform will be exclusively of the Gastronomic Expert who undertakes to hold harmless the Users who contracted the Gastronomic Offer, without any of the Users can claim Foodiestay for the discrepancies of them. Foodiestay will collaborate in the possibility of a friendly solution between the referred Users, without committing itself to obtain a friendly solution.
The present General Conditions of Use of the website include the general conditions of contract, which govern the relationship of Foodiestay with (i) the Gastronomic Expert Users and (ii) with the Users interested in the Gastronomic Offer that contract the same, and are intended to regulate the rights and obligations of each of these Users.

The defined Gastronomic Expert Users, the Users interested in the Gastronomic Offer and in general any physical or legal person who uses the website or Foodiestay Platform, although they do not contract any experience or register as a Gastronomic Expert, they are attributed the condition of user of the website and when accessing, navigating and using our website without any contract and/or proposing an offer and/or making a reservation, they will be jointly defined as the "Users"); that by accessing the Platform accept having read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions shown in this section of the website being bound by these Conditions and our Data Protection Policies, so if you do not agree with all the Conditions and Data Protection Policies, you should not use this website.