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The User can make a complaint or claim to the Customer Service by means of electronic mail (by sending a message to the address of the aforementioned service).


Foodiestay also has Complaints Sheets, available to its customers that upon request by email will be sent by this means.








We will refund the amounts paid for an Experience if you cancel an order for a Gastronomic Experience for reasons of Force Majeure, although you must provide certain documentation in the cases in which we tell you so:


Death of the User who offers the Experience, of the User who hires the experience or of any of the assistants or of a direct relative, of any of them. In these cases, you will have to present a death certificate.

Illness or serious injury of the User who offers the Experience, of the User who hires the experience or of any of the assistants. You must present a medical certificate confirming that the person cannot travel due to the illness or injury.

Appointments to be a member of a polling station, to be part of a jury, judicial appearances or any other that the User could not know at the time of contracting the Experience. You will provide the notification received at a later date than the accepted offer in which the User's name is included.

Closure of airports or roads and cancellations of flights that make it impossible to travel to the destination. You must document the closure of the road or airport, or the cancellation of the flight.

Security alerts due to mobilizations or political disturbances in the area of origin or destination of the User.

Changes in visa or passport requirements that prevent travel to the destination.

Natural disasters in the area of origin or destination of the User (Storms of great magnitude; Earthquakes; Floods, etc.).


If you have suffered an event of Force Majeure, cancel your reservation and inform us of the reasons and contact us to confirm whether you are entitled to a refund by submitting the required documentation, if any, within 20 days after the cancellation.





Suppositions of Exoneration of Responsibility to the Gastronomic Expert User


To participate in a Gastronomic Experience, the Gastronomic Expert User with whom you contract and with whom we put you in contact demands that you accept, what you do when you accept the Experience, the following cases of release and exoneration of responsibility that will be applicable from the moment you accept said Experience.


The User who accepts the Offer of the Gastronomic Experience guarantees that he or she is over 18 years of age. If the User comes to the experience with a minor, said User will be solely responsible for his supervision and for any damage he may suffer during the Experience.


The User knows and accepts that


The User has been informed of the Experience and has voluntarily decided to do so.

The User will not participate if he/she suffers any physical or psychic medical illness that could be affected by the contracted gastronomic activity.

The User will act reasonably and responsibly with the instructions and precautions of which he is notified or warned.

The User accepts that if any of the agreed exonerations were to be declared null and void, the remaining exonerations will continue in force.


The User will only be able to claim to the Expert Gastronomic User for the damages that were caused to him by the fraudulent or negligent action of this last one. None of them will be able to claim for this action to Foodiestay holder of the Platform that has put them in contact.


The User acknowledges having read and accepted the present cases of exoneration of responsibility freely and voluntarily.